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AIGA Unidos

Martin Tibabuzo

Martin Tibabuzo Headshot
  • Creative Director
  • Peak Football

Martín was born 44 years ago in the middle of Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of his grandfathers was a shoemaker, the other an artist. He can certainly say that —genetically verified— the results are evident after one generation. He is a multidisciplinary designer. He graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires, a public and free university. Martín began his professional career back in 1998 and since then he has worked in editorial, web, branding, motion, product, fashion, teaching, arts, and photography. He is proud of his professional achievements. Martín has managed to put together all his heritage, experience, and passions in the products he designed — from short films to football jerseys; from running shoes to ceramic pots. Mixing football with iconic Argentinean independence heroes, cosmonauts, and idols from his childhood. He created products mixing arts with motion and history. And the most joyful part of all this is that some of the many products he designed appeared in the Soccer World Cup, and some even went to space.